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Buy Oracle Stock? What of Their Red Hat Takeover?


TomTom Fires Back in Microsoft Patent War


Cisco Provides Server for Data Centers with Linux from Red Hat


Fedora 11 Seeks Testers on Way to Beta


Apache's Ongoing Licensing Bout with Sun


Fedora Jumps into the Trademark Guidelines Ring


SCALE 7x: DOHCS Conference

A report from the Demonstrating Open Source Healthcare Solution Conference


Self-contained pre-conferences marked day zero at the seventh annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), including the Women In Open Source (WIOS) conference, Open Source Software In Education (OSSIE), a Fedora activity day, two training tracks, and a Zenoss community day. One mini-conference grew large enough to spin off as a self-contained entity: the Demonstrating Open Source Healthcare Solution (DOHCS) conference, now in its third year, examined the comparatively low-profile work undertaken in the medical field.

NEWS: Fedora 10 & Slackware 12.2

Novell Alliance with VMware and Preview of SLES 11


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