Opsview 3.5.0 with Improved Web User Interface

Dec 02, 2009

The British company Opsera has updated its community version of the software monitoring tool Opsview to 3.5.0.

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Closed Is New Open: Software Industry Bends Standards

Dec 01, 2009

The European Interoperability Framework, EIF, regulates how public agencies, citizens and businesses communicate with other on a software level. Now an alliance of proprietary ventures has had an influence on the EIF draft.

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X2go Linux Terminal Server Brings Client to Windows 7

Nov 30, 2009

The newest version 3.01-4 of x2go first of all provides a client for Microsoft's recent Windows 7 operating system.

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Ubuntu X.org Guru Calls for Desktop Help

Nov 25, 2009

Bryce Harrington is agonizing over the nontrivial task of delivering a working X server for Ubuntu. On the Ubuntu desktop mailing list he speaks of a flood of bug reports and appeals to improving the situation.

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ApacheCon Presentations in Free Streaming Archive

Nov 24, 2009

The Apache Foundation had its big conference November 2-6 in Portland OR and Linux Pro Magazine was there with its camera. To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the foundation, some highlights from the comprehensive program of talks are available for free in our video archives now.

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Arbtt: Time Tracker in Debian Sid

Nov 24, 2009

Joachim Breitner wanted to know how much time he was spending on his system, so he wrote Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker, or Arbtt. The program is now installable from the Debian unstable archive.

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Brockmeier Issues Beginner's Guide to Vim Editor

Nov 23, 2009

Defenders of the somewhat unwieldy vi editor say, "Sure vi is user-friendly; it's just peculiar about who it makes friends with." Joe Brockmeier of openSUSE fame has now come out with a beginner's guide to Vim and what it does.

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Just Today: Download of VMware Image of Google Chrome OS

Nov 20, 2009

Google has prepared its Chromium OS, alias Chromium, for download. Anyone hesitant to intall if from source code will find a functioning VMware image from Linux Magazine Online.

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