Article from Issue 62/2006

The prospect of devoting an issue to viruses in Linux launched a lively conversation in our 5000-mile-wide virtual office. We in the media receive a lot of press releases, and some of those press releases are from vendors with anti-virus products. We in the Linux media are supposed to like it when vendors take an interest in Linux. But the problem when it comes to anti-virus vendors is that every product is based on a need, and, in order to establish the need for their Linux virus protection products, the vendors are working overtime to sprinkle their path with ominous warnings that a Linux virus attack is on the way. Many of the old Linux hands have been equally vociferous in their skepticism. “How is a virus going to get into Linux unless you’re checking your mail as root?” they say, and they are mostly correct, of course, but still the sound of someone saying “don’t worry” always leaves me a little worried.

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