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If you like astronomy but you don’t like sitting outside on cold nights, try stargazing from a virtual planetarium.

Stellarium [1] is a virtual planetarium application that simulates the night sky and shows you constellations and celestial bodies. The goal of Stellarium is to provide users with a clear, annotated view of what they would see in the night sky with eyes, binoculars, or a small telescope. Like a real planetarium, the Stellarium virtual planetarium can display a view of the sky from other locations on the Earth or other points in history. Setting Up

To use Stellarium’s full feature scope, you will need to download the latest version of the program from the CVS. The cvs program, which you can install using YaST or Apt-get, is required for this. Another essential requirement is 3D drivers for your graphics adapter, as the program needs a fair amount of graphics performance. First log in to the Stellarium CVS at the command line, and press [Enter] when you are prompted for a password:

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