Building a web service filesystem with SOAP and Fuse


Article from Issue 81/2007
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The Fuse kernel module lets developers implement even the most idiosyncratic of filesystems. We’ll show you how to build a filesystem that relies on SOAP to publish data over web services.

Most Linux users have had some experience with the legacy Network File System (NFS). NFS relies on executing remote procedure calls (RPCs) to give a local machine access to remote data. Unfortunately, RPCs can cause trouble in modern IT landscapes, especially in the interoperability field. For example, RPCs are normally blocked by firewalls, and the procedural programming techniques associated with RPCs aren’t state of the art. Web service technology appears to be the natural successor to RPCs. Web services are object oriented and rely on open standards such as XML. Web services are also typically based on HTTP, and firewalls don’t try to block them.

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