Meet the Totem media player

Future Plans

The official Totem site indicates that there's more to come for this most practical player. Planned features include scanner support and a webcam utility, along with the expected bug fixes and expanded documentation.

Totem might seem like just a modest little program, but it already has an impressive set of features – too many in fact to cover sufficiently in this article. I look forward to exploring more of its current features and to its continuing evolution.


All of the most of the popular media and movie players for Linux have their strengths and weaknesses, whether in overall design, technical foundations, or documentation.

I must say that Totem is certainly one of the best balanced players I've used. It provides just the right controls and expected functions in an uncomplicated, easily navigated user interface and offers some most unique features (e.g., the YouTube browser and the Telestrator function).

When I first approached this review, I wondered what I'd encounter. Although new to Ubuntu and Totem, I hoped for a stressless and satisfying experience. Well, I'm relaxed, I'm satisfied, and I plan to install Hardy Heron on its own drive in the test box here at Studio Dave. Of course, I also plan to keep using Totem as my movie player of choice whenever I'm in session with Heron.

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