Exploring the openATTIC unified storage manager



openATTIC promises open source, unified storage management for heterogeneous media. The easy web interface even supports network drives accessed through SMB and NFS.

If you ask five people for a definition of unified storage, you will receive seven contradictory answers. More and more providers of pre-configured storage solutions have seized on this problem and presented their products as the true "unified storage." Enter openATTIC [1], and thank goodness for it: the project promises to be a truly unified cross-protocol, storage management system based on open source components (Figure 1).

Figure 1: openATTIC lets you manage local drives, NFS volumes, FTP accounts, and Samba shares from a single web interface.

IT Novum [2] is the driving force behind openATTIC. The company advertises its product as an open source storage management framework. And, openATTIC sets out to generalize and bundle the management of virtually any type of storage under a unified and easy-to-use interface [3].


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