Datamancer offers sturdiness with a Steampunk aesthetic


© Lead Image © Christos Georghiou,

© Lead Image © Christos Georghiou,

Article from Issue 155/2013

Hand-crafted keyboards, computers, and accessories from the imagination of a retro-Victorian artist.

If your home or office is decorated in rich hardwoods, why not have matching computer hardware, rather than futuristic black plastic? – Richard R. Nagy

Richard R. Nagy of Datamancer Enterprises [1] has spent the past few years answering his own question with a line of hand-made keyboards and other computer hardware, much of it with a Victorian-retro or Steampunk aesthetic. His explorations have given him a small but enthusiastic cult following among artists, gamers, and developers.

Nagy has no formal art training. However, he says, "I've always enjoyed drawing, and when I was young I read a lot of fantasy novels and read comic books, copying the art styles of the comic book artists I admired like Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee." At the same time, "I was also very mechanically inclined, and used to disassemble all of my toys and build new ones from the parts, much to the dismay of my mother. I would design custom toys using simple circuits with batteries, switches, motors, and LEDs."


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