Creating mind maps with Labyrinth

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Article from Issue 161/2014

The Labyrinth mind mapper lets you collect and organize your thoughts and ideas without major detours.

Gathering and structuring your ideas is not always easy. Many people find a blank sheet of paper useful for jotting down their thoughts and brainstorming results. But, if you want to play with the products of your imagination or have them handy at some point in the future, your most effective option is mind mapping (see the box "Stroke for Stroke").

Software such as Labyrinth [1] hugely simplifies the process of creating mind maps by first helping you collect the ideas and then saving the structures you developed for a new session. If necessary, you can edit the graphic by colorizing individual nodes on the map or adding images. Labyrinth also lets you change the elements in almost any way to obtain a new perspective on your "mental landscape."


Ubuntu has Labyrinth in its repositories, so you can install the application easily via the graphical package manager. For an even faster approach, you can type the following command at the command line:


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