Klaus talks about some new features in the latest Knoppix

Knoppix 8.1

© Lead Image © Jan Treger, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © Jan Treger, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 205/2017

The latest Knoppix comes with a new I/O scheduler, and the new hybrid ISO image format allows you to boot from either a DVD or USB stick. Klaus talks about the changes with the latest edition of Knoppix, and offers a glimpse at some of the problems he faces when producing a new Knoppix version.

Editor's Note: Our own Professor Knopper has another life as the creator and maintainer of the popular Knoppix Live Linux distro. With its large collection of troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, Knoppix is a trusted companion for system administrators and other IT professionals, but Knoppix also comes with a vast collection of desktop tools, which means it is fully functional as an everyday Linux system on a live disk. In this article, Klaus offers some thoughts and tips on the new Knoppix 8.1, which is included on this month's DVD.

After months of preparation, the English language version of Knoppix 8.1 is finally available [1]. Due to the increasing complexity of applications and dependencies, as well as the strategic decisions of software developers, every year it gets more difficult to make everything work together smoothly. All the changes and redesigns in recent Debian releases mean I now spend more time on testing and workarounds than I do on development and programming. (For an example of the kinds of problems I face, see the box entitled "Labor-Intensive Workarounds for Small Bugs.")

Knoppix 8.1 (Figure 1) contains 4,100 software packages (including libraries and supporting shared data), which results in around 4,500 executable files. Only a small fraction of these programs appear in the desktop menus; many of the latest and greatest tools for data rescue or advanced networking are only found at the command line.


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