One After the Other

One After the Other

Article from Issue 216/2018

If you expect more from a file manager than the ability to move files from A to B, Polo might be for you.

When it comes to file managers, everyone has their own opinion about what is best. Some want a file manager with tabs; others require a divided view with two or more windows, like the Norton Commander. For some, basic functions like copy, move, and delete are sufficient, but others want a universal tool with viewers for different formats and an integrated editor.

If you want to adapt a file manager to match your working methods and expect a solution that makes many everyday tasks easier, then Polo File Manager [1] might be right for you.

Polo File Manager, which is a little over one year old, brings a fresh perspective to the file manager landscape: Tabs, multiple views, an integrated terminal, and simple editing functions for images or PDF documents round out the package. Even in terms of financing, the project breaks new ground.


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