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Dmitri Popov
Two Quick Firefox Tips

Feb 18, 2014 GMT

Here are two quick tips that you might find useful. Selecting text in web pages using the mouse can sometimes be rather tricky. For easier and more precise text selection, press F7 which toggles the so-called Caret Browsing mode. With this mode enabled, you can make a text selection by placing the movable cursor anywhere on the page and then using keyboard keys to make a text selection.To close a browser tab, you normally have to click on the Close button. Alternatively, you can close any tab by middle-clicking anywhere on it. This is slightly easier than trying to hit the tiny Close button. In fact, you can remove the Close button altogether. To do this, open a new browser window or tab,...
Using Pinned Records in Pygmynote

Feb 17, 2014 GMT

The pin record feature in the latest release of Pygmynote can be used to pin any existing record, so it appears in the welcome header when you launch the application.This feature can be put to a variety of practical uses. By pinning a record, you are effectively turning it into a reminder. You can pin tasks (i.e., records with dates) to track your deadlines more efficiently. In addition to that, the pin record feature can be used as a simple memorization tool. Pin the words or snippets you need to memorize, and you'll see them every time you launch Pygmynote. Like everything else, pinning and unpinning records in Pygmynote is easy. To pin a record, use the...
Monitor Your server with Linux Dash

Feb 11, 2014 GMT

Linux Dash is a new addition to the growing list of server monitoring utilities. Previously, I covered phpSysInfo and Linfo. Both are decent tools for keeping an eye on a remote Linux server, but there is always room for one more. Linux Dash's claim to fame is its slick and responsive interface that works equally well on large and small screens. This means that you don't need a dedicated app on your mobile device to access the remote server's stats. Similar to other monitoring tools, deploying Linux Dash on a server is supremely easy. Grab the latest release of the application from the project's GitHub repository (or clone it using the git clone
Set up a Private Git repository via SSH

Feb 06, 2014 GMT

If you need to set up a private Git repository, you don't have to deploy a full-blown Git server or use one of many popular Git services like GitHub and Bitbucket. Instead, you can opt for a quick-and-dirty solution which lets you work with git repositories via SSH.To do this, you need a remote machine with Git and SSH installed on it. Establish an SSH connection to the server, then create and initialize a bare Git repository: mkdir repo.git cd repo.git git init --bareOn your local machine, create and initialize the git repository by running the git init command. Use then the git remote add origin ssh://user@remotehost/path/to/repo command to add the remote host to the repository...
Establish SSH Connections Using sshpass

Jan 31, 2014 GMT

sshpass enables non-interactive ssh password authentication. In other words, it allows you to establish an SSH connection by specifying a password as part of the command. So instead of using a command like ssh user@remotehost, and then manually entering the password when prompted, you can use sshpass to pass the password non-interactively. This lets you automate scripts that establish an SSH connection as part of their routine (e. g., rsync-based backup scripts). In other words, sshpass provides an alternative to the popular password-less SSH login technique.On Debian and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, sshpass can be installed by running apt-get install sshpass command as root. On...
Keep Tabs on Income and Expenses with My Expenses for Android

Jan 30, 2014 GMT

There are several traits that set My Expenses apart from the myriad of other expense tracking apps for Android. Firstly, My Expenses is an open source app, and it's available on both Google Play Store and F-Droid. More importantly, though, the app strikes a perfect balance between functionality and ease-of-use. The app lets you set up multiple accounts and track expenses for each account. Recording an expense is a single-step procedure that involves only a few taps. To track expenses more efficiently, the app allows you to create categories and assign them to expenses and income records. You can then view all expenses by category to get a better idea of...
Open Font Library: The Font Fountain

Jan 29, 2014 GMT

Google Fonts is a popular source of open source embeddable fonts, but it's not the only game in town. The Open Font Library (OFLB) project aims to provide an alternative destination for developers and designers looking for quality open source fonts. Although the list of fonts currently available on OFLB is rather short, it does contain a number of excellent fonts. The library features a slick interface which allows you to easily browse and preview fonts. The service also makes it possible to filter fonts by type and by license. Similar to Google Fonts, OFLB lets you download the desired fonts as well as embed them into web pages. OFLB is open to anyone who...

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