GNOME 2.30 Updates and Improves Desktop

Apr 01, 2010

With the release of GNOME 2.30, various improvements and changes went into the free Linux desktop.

Among the new features in GNOME 2.30 is split view mode for the Nautilus file manager. The Empathy IM and communication tool provides the option for sending files and the IRC function adds the /join and /nick commands. Tomboy Notes, according to the release notes, now starts "almost instantly" and synchronizes notes in the background without manual intervention.

The project reworked GNOME System Tools to make user management easier and safer, including an improved new user creation dialog. The System Tools now work with PolicyKit for authentication and the Unlock button for managing users and services was removed. The Epiphany Web browser provides a print preview; a right-click on a webpage downloads and saves objects on the page.

The release notes for GNOME 2.30 include download and installation instructions.

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    I have tears in my eyes! Split view for Nautilus! FINALLY! happy
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