Monkey HTTP Daemon 0.10.0

Apr 06, 2010

The Monkey HTTP Daemon lightweight webserver for static content enters the open source arena.

The project claims to have rewritten almost 85% of the code over two years to achieve its newest milestone release. The result is a webserver intended for fast and efficient delivery of static content that can also pass on requests for dynamic content to other servers. Monkey HTTP Daemon is meant for Linux only, because the server uses particular system calls that only the kernel 2.6.28 OR newer recognizes.

The Monkey server uses a hybrid mechanism to answer HTTP requests that combines asynchronous mode with fixed threads. The webserver supports virtual hosts and conforms to the HTTP 1.1 specification. A plugin named Cheetah provides a command line shell and a security plugin adds an access restrictions option.

Monkey HTTP Daemon is free software under GPLv2. The project homepage has further details and a source tarball for download.

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