Opsi 3.4 With New License Management Module

Sep 01, 2009

German company UIB has released version 3.4 of opsi, an open source software distribution tool for Windows PCs. Along with improvements and updates, the latest version comes with a new module for the management of commercial software licenses.

Opsi can manage licenses within the same GUI, including those that serve operating system installation and configuration. The license management supports the models standard single license, volume license (1 license key with a fixed number of installations), a campus license (1 key with no installation limit) and the PC -specific license model. Once a software is uninstalled, the system sets the license key automatically free. A report function is also included.

While the license management feature is subject to charges, UIB says it will become freely available once development costs have been covered. Following this pattern, which UIB calls confinanzing, the company also finances its Vista and Windows 7 support, and has limited test versions available on request. Prices for modules, support and training can be found on the UIB web page.

In version 3.4, developers have also improved the preloginloader and handbooks and updated the VM image. Installations media for the opsi Linux server and boot images for managed clients are under GPLv2 ready for download.

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