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phpFileManager: A Single-File Web-based File Manager

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Saving Energy with PowerTOP2.0


The PowerTOP tool developed by Intel helps you save power. In version 2.0, it can also handle GPUs and offers advanced tracking features.

Turn Google Chrome and Chromium into a Powerful Text Editor with TextDown

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Imgur Mushroom: imgur Uploader App for Android

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Backing up data with luckyBackup

KNOW-HOW: At the Press of a Button

Readying devices for use

LINUXUSER: Mount ’em Up!

Turn Raspberry Pi into an Ebook Server with Calibre

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Practical Wine

Building a Wine environment for Windows applications


More and more Windows applications run on Linux thanks to Wine. If you spend a little time on configuration and troubleshooting, you won’t be stuck in Windows – even with applications that no one dreamed would run on Linux.

Highlight and Share Web Snippets with MASHA

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