Linux Professional Institute

Virtual desktops in your web browser with phpVirtualBox

COVER STORIES: Remote Control

Understanding the transitory /proc filesystem

LINUXUSER: Due Processes

Firefox Extensions

Getting More from Firefox


Firefox features many high-quality extensions to help improve productivity, protect your privacy, and more.

What’s new in Apache HTTP Server, version 2.4

SYSADMIN: Now Serving

A Perl tool for querying distribution repositories

PROGRAMMING: Analysis Machine

Eclipse Releases Hudson 3.0


NEWS: News

Monitoring activities and system processes

NEWS: Tracers

Zack’s Kernel News


Tune Your Hard Disk with hdparm

Disk Inspector: Retrieving and setting hard drive parameters with hdparm


Hdparm is the tool to use when it comes to tuning your hard disk or DVD drive, but it can also measure read speed, deliver valuable information about the device, change important drive settings, and even erase SSDs securely.

Issue 34: Linux Shell Handbook 2019 Edition/Special Editions

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