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nilfs2 Headed For Inclusion

Ryusuke Konishi has submitted nilfs2 for inclusion in the main kernel tree. Up to now, it has lived in Andrew Morton's -mm tree. As Andrew has said, Konishi's efforts have been quite impressive, and he's offered him some advice for further development. Andrew strongly supports the filesystem and plans to send the patches along to Linus Torvalds in the very near future, barring serious objection from other kernel hackers. nilfs2 provides full versioning within the filesystem, including continuous snapshotting and access to older snapshots.

From Og

I had to include the following email in full:

Og here.
Greg run off to big hill with white stuff.
He leave corn bits and paper.
Corn bits have many num-bers.
2 corns.
Num-ber on one corn is
Num-ber on one corn is
Paper have 1 wurd.
Paper say "Update!"
Og no no what paper meens.
Corn only good for wood-chuck. Why Greg care about corn?
Og con-fus-ed.
Og done.

Linus Torvalds replied, "I'm happy to see that we have sunk to a whole new level of professionalism. And imagine that people ever doubted that open-source could ever be mission critical! Ha!"

Official git Repository

Until now, Linus Torvalds has been listed in the MAINTAINERS file as the maintainer of all kernel things not otherwise maintained, but his git repository wasn't listed. Joe Perches recently posted a patch adding git:// to that entry.

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