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© Lead Image © Roman Sakhno,

© Lead Image © Roman Sakhno,

Article from Issue 237/2020
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A recent addition to the Linux kernel, WireGuard lets you build a VPN tunnel that relies on encryption to reduce potential security issues.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees have exchanged the office for their home to accommodate social distancing guidelines. In addition to getting used to working from home, many telecommuters must also deal with security issues when contacting colleagues or accessing company servers. While large corporations may take care of these issues for their employees, self-employed telecommuters and small businesses need to find their own solution.

WireGuard [1], the modern virtual private network (VPN) tunnel software developed by security researcher Jason Donenfeld, offers an easy-to-implement solution that relies on encryption to secure the connection between two endpoints. WireGuard found its way into the Linux kernel 5.6 at the end of March at the same time WireGuard v1.0.0 was released. The VPN program is now available for all common operating systems such as Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.


Before WireGuard conquered the market in 2015, IPsec and OpenVPN were the top two contenders under a free license. Compared to WireGuard, however, both IPsec and OpenVPN are more difficult to set up, which is why WireGuard was already in use before becoming a kernel module.


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