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© Lead Image © Nah Ting Feng,

© Lead Image © Nah Ting Feng,

Article from Issue 240/2020

Mistborn bundles important Internet services on your home network and secures them with a WireGuard VPN tunnel, Pi-hole, iptables rules, and separate containers.

COVID-19 has forced many people to work from home, relying on Internet services for file sharing, videoconferencing, and more. In addition to outside threats that exploit the current situation, security risks within the services themselves also pose a problem. For instance, the videoconferencing platform Zoom [1], which has had an influx of users since the beginning of the pandemic, can hardly keep up with the task of closing its security gaps.

To avoid these pitfalls, Steven Foerster, the developer of security software at Cyber5k, needed an easy-to-implement security solution for all his family's Internet activities. The result is the Mistborn [2] project on GitLab, which is exclusively based on free software. (The name comes from the epic fantasy book series of the same name by Brandon Sanderson.)

Mistborn offers the script-controlled setup of a VPN tunnel with WireGuard, as well as ad-blocking with Pi-hole using DNSCrypt [3] (Figure 1). In addition, Mistborn lets you activate and manage other services, such as Nextcloud, Cockpit, Syncthing, Rocket.Chat, Home Assistant, Jellyfin, Bitwarden, ONLYOFFICE, Tor, and Jitsi.


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