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System maintenance with Stacer

Article from Issue 242/2021

Stacer simplifies the configuration and maintenance of Linux for newcomers by allowing users to handle most of these tasks conveniently in a graphical interface.

Hardly any other operating system offers as many tools for maintenance and support as Linux. However, not everyone is familiar with all the commands, and some tools offer a large number of parameters, which in turn discourages newcomers and those who want to switch operating systems. Stacer [1] makes managing your installation far easier and more efficient, as the program offers a whole range of useful applications for maintaining and servicing the system.


Stacer can be found in the software repositories of many distributions. The installation is therefore an easy experience with the appropriate system front ends. If you are using a distribution that does not yet include this tool in its package sources, you can find the source code, plus deb and RPM packages on the project's GitHub page.

If none of the packages suits your system and you are worried about compiling the software manually, there is also an AppImage on the GitHub site that will run on any distribution independently of the package management system. After downloading, you just need to assign the appropriate rights to the AppImage before you start it. You can do this in the terminal using the following command:


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