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Running Linux apps on Android without rooting your phone

NEWS: Phone as Linux PC free

LINUX VOICE: Organize your photo collection with Geeqie Art Sorted free

Location, Location, Location

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – gpsd free

Android Admin Tools

Linux Remote Administration on Android and iOS


Smartphones and tablets have lost their gadget status and become part of the system administrator’s tool kit. We look at the most important apps for admins.

Mobiwiki: Simple Mobile-Friendly Wiki

Productivity Sauce


Push Tabs with Firefox Sync

Productivity Sauce


Brief Look at CloudFTP

Productivity Sauce


SSH Tunneling on Android for Secure Web Browsing

Productivity Sauce


DIY Mobile Photo Sharing with Piwigo and ReGalAndroid

Productivity Sauce


Manage Your Photo Gallery from Android Using ReGalAndroid

Productivity Sauce


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