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Boot Repair Disk

Jun 03, 2017

Sometimes things go wrong when you are installing an operating system on a hard disk drive or SSD. A boot repair disk gets your boot configuration back on its feet, quickly.

Tutorials – Systemd

Systemd Services 101

Jun 03, 2017

Take control of the services running on your Linux machine


Editing PDF documents with Master PDF Editor 4

Jul 10, 2017

The commercial software tool Master PDF Editor 4 lets you edit the most important portable document format of our times.

DIY Maps

Maps with uMap

Jun 03, 2017

uMap provides an easy way to create advanced maps based on the OpenStreetMap service. This article explains how to put uMap's features and functionality to practical use.


Secure your logins with two-factor authentication

Jun 03, 2017

Add an extra layer of protection with one-time passwords.

Finding an Ergonomic Computer Chair

Buying an Ergonomic Chair from Herman Miller

Jul 11, 2017

With an aging population spending hours in front of a computer, ergonomic seating solutions have become as common as ergonomic keyboard choices

Finely Filtered

Evaluate systemd logs using journalctl

Jul 10, 2017

The journal is the systemd component responsible for viewing and managing logfiles.

Choose Chakra

An elegant and simple Arch Linux-based distro

May 02, 2017

KDE lovers can rejoice at Chakra Linux's beautiful and functional operating system.

Signs of Life

Intro to the Gnome Flashback desktop

May 02, 2017

If you struggle with the appearance and behavior of the Gnome desktop, the classic features of fallback mode offer an alternative in a familiar style. Lamented by many as dead and gone, Gnome 3 fallback is still alive and kicking in Gnome Flashback.

Universal Package Formats and How They Differ

Flatpak and Snap

Jun 13, 2017

We talk with Alexander Larsson, the creator of Flatpak, and Thibaut Rouffineau, a member of the Snap team.

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