How to Sell Open Source

Nov 30, 2017

Marketing FOSS requires some novel approaches compared with proprietary software. We share our experiences.


Developing an Ethical Business

Jan 30, 2018

With ethical products that offer convenience and control, Purism hopes to compete with big tech.

Programming Snapshot – Neural Networks

Car NOT Goat

Jan 09, 2018

The well-known Monty Hall game show problem can be a rewarding maiden voyage for prospective statisticians. But is it possible to teach a neural network to choose between goats and cars with a few practice sessions?

Needlework – Digitize your LPs and cassettes with Audacity

Nov 30, 2017

Armed with the Audacity sound editor, you can convert the analog content of LPs, tapes, and cassettes to the digital world.

Small Wonders

Compress image files with Guetzli

Jan 09, 2018

The Guetzli image optimizer by Google developers produces smaller images than JPEG while maintaining the same quality, but it requires a powerful computer with a large working memory.

Back to the Future

What's new in Ubuntu 17.10

Jan 09, 2018

Ubuntu is back to the first letter of the alphabet – and back to the Gnome desktop. But you'll also find lots of new stuff in the latest release.

Too Clever

Smarter with open source

Nov 30, 2017

Making the city of Messina, Italy, smarter with open source and IoT.

In the Can

Record screencasts with Peek on Gnome

Nov 30, 2017

A screencast shows what happens on the desktop. Peek lets you create screencasts in the blink of an eye and export them to popular formats.

Pi FM Radio

Build an FM radio using an RTL-SDR dongle

Nov 30, 2017

Low-cost RTL-SDR dongles can read frequencies between 24 and 1,766MHz. We built a simple FM radio with a Raspberry Pi, a USB dongle based on the RTL2832U chipset, an LCD HAT, and some Python code.

Sure-Fire Success

Developing an AI system with Markov chains

Oct 25, 2017

Markov chains model systems that jump from state to state with predetermined probabilities, but can they help write new columns like this one after learning from previously written articles?

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