Apt-Dater 0.7 for Mass Remote Updates

Jan 23, 2009

The remote package update manager program apt-dater is now available in version 0.7. It performs software updates on a mass of remote hosts.

The apt-dater program provides upgrade selection on remote hosts based on category or group, which allows for parallel updates on multiple hosts. Admins can monitor each individual update session. The IBH project page provides a short video of its functionality.

The new release provides an automatic view of each host. The developers also improved the search function and detailed display.

The apt-dater program allows group-wise updates for multiple net hosts.

The terminal program with ncurses graphics does its work with help from SSH and sudo. Every managed host runs a Perl script that communicates with the management server. As its name implies, apt-dater supports Debian-based hosts, but also other Linux distros with Red Hat's yum or Novell's rug (such as openSUSE).

The program is licensed under GPLv2 and is ready for download as a Debian package or source tarball.

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