DRBD Merged into Mainline Kernel

Dec 10, 2009

The HA technology, Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD), is to be merged into the official Linux kernel, probably from version 2.6.33.

Photo showing Linbit management team
Proud LINBIT team: Lars Ellenberg, Stefan Schleifer, Philipp Reisner, Gerhard Sternath, Philipp Richter, Clemens Niederreiter. Their DRBD development is to be part of the Linux Kernel. Courtesy of: LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH

The announcement came on the blog of Florian Haas from Linbit, the Austrian company, specialized in High Availability, that until now has nurtured the DRBD code outside of the mainline kernel. On December 8, highest kernel chief, Linus Torvalds, accepted the source text into his kernel tree, which sometime next month should become the 2.6.33 release.

The GPL software DRBD has been ten years in development: Philip Reisner, in the meantime CEO at Linbit, published the code as part of his diploma. DRBD In the case of a system failure, DRBD preserves distributed data in High Availability clusters and provides incremental resynchronization. The latest version 8.3 of the open source software also includes add-ons from DRBD+, formerly reserved for paying customers.

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