Debian Lenny Freeze Imminent

Jul 21, 2008

The Debian developers are preparing for the publication of Debian Lenny in September. The Release Team has just announced a complete freeze of all packages for next week.

The freeze has already started for the non-essential tool chain and libraries. The developers will not modify these packages unless there is a significant reason to do so.

The Release Team has announced a total freeze for the whole Lenny branch. In a posting to the project mailing lists, the Release Team advised developers to upload any final changes to the software packages they maintain as quickly as possible. To motivate contributors, the team added a Cowsay graphic to its message:

< We freeze next week! >
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

The Debian Community has already achieved some of its Debian 5.0, codename Lenny, release objectives, including the move to Python version 2.5 and localization of all packages used by the Debconf system.

Further objectives include removing Bash specific instructions for scripts that call the "/bin/sh" interpreter to allow Debian users to migrate to alternatives such as the Debian-Almquist Shell (Dash) as their default shell. On top of this, scripts in the "/etc/init.d" should be compatible with state-of-art init systems that do not start services in a fixed order but instead rely on a system of dependencies.

Besides this, says the Release Manager, there are currently around 360 bugs that need to be squashed before Lenny can be released. To handle this, Bug Squashing Parties will take place in cities all over the world to allow Debian developers to get together and tackle the remaining issues.

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  • Debian Lenny Freeze Imminent

    The Debian developers are preparing for the publication of Debian Lenny in September. The Release Team has just announced a complete freeze of all packages for next week. For those who feel that the concept of this story is quite interesting, the probability is you are thinking about using Linux as your number one or simply a substitute Operating system when you find yourself simply sick and tired of your old OS. Unfortunately the majority feel that Linux is too difficult that it is attractive only to geeks, might demonstrate that this awesome operating-system is essentially for all people. It is regularly entertaining to find out about Debian Lenny Freeze Imminent.

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