Hands-on: MeeGo for Smartphones

Aug 17, 2010

Intel senior technologist Derek Speed demonstrates an early build of MeeGo on a prototype smartphone.

Intel senior technologist Derek Speed shows Trevan McGee an early build of MeeGo for smartphones.

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  • Intel's commitment ?

    Sorry but this Mr. Senior Technologist here representing Intel side of the project seems just a typical dummy who's had interest to be play with the phone for about 30 minutes before the exhibition.

    Listening to his spoken presentation of elementary feature self-evidences is probably as painful as he feels having to present them.

    Why bring this stuff into open, for everyone to see ? Needs work 6 months, then please come back again and show me please - if this thing is still alive.

    Such stupidity.

  • Geez- this publicity does more harm than good

    I totally agree to "what's the point" argument. This looks simply "poor".

    Besides, the AAVA phone clip has been available for MeeGo enthusiasts for several weeks. By now, something more advanced should already be presented.

    If I had a stake or interest in this I would be deeply ashamed for Nokia's and Intel's sake. How childish can a large corp be when they obviously are in not even interested in publicity such as this ?

    I mean, Intel probably couldn't care less, considering they go about eg. buying virus protection companies... Maybe next time ice cream parlours, or vacuum cleaner manufacturer, so why not team up with Nokia ? - Great idea, let's do that ! ; )

    But it should be in Nokias better interest to support their "iPhone and Android Killer platform" project from becoming almost a laughing matter, like here.

    Sorry but Nokia must be one of the world's most stupid enterprises when it comes to marketing.

  • I don't get it...

    Why would you want to demo something like that? I mean, what is the point?
  • Re: tsk

    The demo left something to be desired, sure, but it's still so early in the operating system's infancy that I'm going to withhold judgement. Still, you raise some good points about the AppUp store. I understand the goal, but it will depend entirely on carrier and developer adoption.

    I asked Mr. Speed about how Intel would approach quality assurance and he gave me the impression that nothing was set in stone quite yet. Considering MeeGo is going to tie into both Intel's AppUp client and Nokia's Ovi store, there is potential for conflicting admission standards.

    Mr. Speed also hinted at upcoming OEM announcements. That's another big factor in MeeGo's success.
  • that looked bad...

    Application warehouse? Drive revenue for the Service Providers? In this day and age...Intel should know better. Besides, even with a prototype, first impressions are still first impressions. He must have forgotten the device is not an iPhone...
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