New Release of Open Virtual Client Desktop

Jul 30, 2009

The new version 2.0 of the virtual desktop solution Verde now comes with offline access. Manufacturer Virtual Bridges, together with IBM and Canonical, want to market the software as Open Virtual Client.

The three joined forces in May to combine products for another "Microsoft-free desktop." Canonical has brought Ubuntu as operating system into the project, IBM applications like Symphony and Notes and the Texan company Virtual Bridges is in with Verde. Verde stands for Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment. Verde enables the use of programs in a virtual desktop system, regardless of location, with applications stored on Linux servers. Version 2.0 will give users access to the desktop offline.

The offline access makes a new client hypervisor possible. This is based on a protocol that the makers call Self Managing Auto Replicating Technology- SMART. Virtual Bridges describes the function thus: The protocol synchronizes a replicated cache that runs with the server image on the client-side hypervisor. This is the same image used for VDI sessions.

Verde technology touches on the proprietary Win4Lin, a software that was developed around 20 years ago. Virtual Bridges are offering their virtual solution for Linux and Solaris and OpenSolaris and as a guest-system they supply support for both Linux and Windows.

Verde 2.0 is available immediately and prices make it clear who their target group is. 1000 places cost $50 each. The Win4Lan solution for Ubuntu costs on the manufacturers website almost $30.

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