SCO's Bankruptcy Saga To Be Continued

May 08, 2009

Once upon a time there was a company that wanted to do business with Linux. Then the company alleged its source code had been stolen. That company is now in administration, but things could get even worse...

After taking what proved to be disastrous legal action against IBM and Novell in 2007, cash-strapped SCO applied for, and got, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to a report by Groklaw, on May 5, the US Trustee's office filed for conversion to Chapter 7 on the grounds that there appears to be no chance of SCO "rehabilitating".

Of course the company's CEOs expressed surprise at the move and vowed to appeal. IBM, Novell and Red Hat will not be pleased with a swift demise of SCO. They all have financial, and in part, legal issues still to be decided. The saga of SCO it seems, is not over yet.

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