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© Lead Image © nyul,

© Lead Image © nyul,

Article from Issue 167/2014

iPXE simplifies the task of booting images over a network and also lets admins design dynamic boot menus that integrate scripts and boot images via HTTP(S).

Whether you are managing Linux or Windows, most automated provisioning systems depend on booting over the network with the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE). PXE provides the software for a standardized environment before the system actually starts. Within this preboot environment, the admin can influence the startup behavior to respond to special requirements, launch an OS installation process, or take other preliminary steps.

In the Linux world, PXELinux by the SysLinux project [1] is the de facto standard tool for network booting. In the shadow cast by PXELinux, other PXE bootloaders have emerged that make it easier to solve many tasks.

The iPXE project [2] provides a full open source PXE implementation. iPXE calls itself "…the leading open source network boot firmware." The project started life as a fork of gPXE and is still under active development. iPXE also inherits some features from the Etherboot project [3].


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