House Radio

Z-Wave – Basics of wireless technology for the smart home

Nov 17, 2016

Z-Wave connects components in the smart home and ensures that remote commands from the control station take effect on real household appliances. We look at how it works, its range, the security of the protocol, and some basics that every Z-Waver should know.


Five screencast programs tested

Nov 17, 2016

To make audiovisual content easy to understand, you can use screencast programs, of which Linux has a few.

Well Supported

Debian's long-term support experiment

Nov 17, 2016

The Debian project is extending its famous development process to offer long-term support.

Shrink It

Compress JPEG images with Lepton

Nov 17, 2016

Lepton lets you compress your photo files to make room for more.

Matching Paint Job

Gimp and neural networks

Oct 28, 2016

Deep learning isn't just for industrial automation tasks. With a little help from Gimp and some special neural network tools, you can add color to your old black and white images.

Learning with Linux Academy

Open Source Education

Jan 24, 2017

Open source experience is in high demand, and Linux Academy can give you a leg up if you are looking for employment in the open source job market.

Custom Print

Enrich OSM maps with additional information

Sep 30, 2016

Maperitive helps users create high-quality maps with additional information from OpenStreetMap data.

Enhanced Drama

Out of Bounds – Eye-catching photos made easy

Aug 19, 2016

Including out-of-bounds effects in slide shows and presentations is bound to get the undivided attention of the audience. Gimp has simple tools to create these image effects.

Key Service

Neatly managing and handling PGP/GnuPG keyrings

Sep 30, 2016

PGP/GnuPG is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to digital crime and government surveillance. We take a look behind the scenes and show how you can keep your keyring current and valid.

Signal Private Messenger

Bringing Encryption to Everybody

Dec 13, 2016

Signal is an efficient private messenger app that encrypts voice and text messages, integrates easily into existing interfaces, and places all communications in a single display, making encryption a feature that anyone can use.

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