Paperwork battles the increasing stacks of paper

Jul 31, 2014

Paperwork was developed to manage the paperless office – a dream as old as desktop PCs.

Krita: KDE's Powerful Graphics Editor Takes on Photoshop and GIMP

Krita: Listening to the Pros

Sep 18, 2014

How a hobby project succeeded with the help of users.

Fast Help

Repairing boot managers and more in Linux and Windows

Aug 28, 2014

If your computer fails to boot, you need a helping hand. Rescatux combines proven repair and rescue tools.

Rip, Rip, Hurray

Audex, the lean audio CD ripper

Aug 28, 2014

With the Audex CD ripper, you can start digitizing your personal music collection immediately.

KDE Visual Design Group

Designing User Satisfaction

Aug 26, 2014

The KDE Visual Design Group follows basic principles to elevate and simplify the user experience.

Accessories Included

Chapeau Linux multimedia and gaming platform

Jul 31, 2014

If you are looking off the beaten Ubuntu and Debian paths for a fast, multimedia distro with a Gnome 3 desktop, take a closer look at Fedora-based Chapeau Linux.

Ready, Aim, Install!

From Live boot, to installation, to upgrade

Aug 21, 2014

Installing Linux is easier and faster than you might think. In this article, we'll help you take stock of your hardware, back up your data, and install Fedora 20.

Red Advance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 tested

Jul 31, 2014

On June 10, Red Hat launched a new major release of its enterprise distribution, RHEL 7. We take a look to find out where RHEL is headed.

Network Daemon

systemd-networkd β€” Network configuration

Jul 31, 2014

The new networkd component of the systemd project supports basic network configuration. Despite its early stage of development, one thing is clear: This is a daemon with brains.

ownCloud: The Project That Became a Company


Jul 28, 2014

Many companies try to create a free software project around their products; however, ownCloud has taken the opposite approach, creating a company around a project.

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