Mixed Doubles

Create Linux Bash and Windows batch scripts simultaneously with Batsh

Dec 16, 2014

Batsh kills two birds with one stone: Programs written in this language can be compiled both as Linux Bash scripts and Windows batch files.

Enhancing Your Work Habits with KDE

KDE Productivity Options

Dec 16, 2014

KDE extends the concept of the desktop with innovations that can significantly enhance your productivity.

By the Light of the Moon

Pale Moon web browser as an alternative to Firefox

Nov 25, 2014

A new browser with familiar technology: The lean Firefox offshoot Pale Moon is compatible with many cherished Firefox extensions.

In View

4Pane file manager – An optimal fit

Oct 01, 2014

4Pane provides additional confidence in file management in the form of a clever undo function. Advanced users can install supplemental scripts in an instant.

Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Aggregating data with Portia

Oct 28, 2014

Are you interested in retrieving stock quotes in machine-readable form off the Internet? No problem: After a few mouse clicks, Portia weaves a command line and wraps the data in JSON format.

The League of Moveable Type

Open Source Fonts

Nov 18, 2014

The Free Font Movement is transforming free software, one character at a time.

Get Info, Stat

Stat-like command-line tools for admins

Oct 28, 2014

ASCII tools can be life savers when they provide the only access you have to a misbehaving server. However, once you're on the node what do you do? In this article, we look at stat-like tools: vmstat, dstat, and mpstat.

Treasure Trove

Open a cache of riches with lsof

Oct 01, 2014

In Linux, everything is a file – directories, devices, pipes – so lsof (list open files) reveals what's happening on your system.

Pi Plus

Exploring the new Rasp Pi Model  B+

Oct 01, 2014

The brand new Raspberry Pi Model  B+ is solid and tidy, with many clever improvements in detail that make this the best version so far. The desired improvement in performance will have to wait for now.

Music Box

YouTube jukebox without a browser

Oct 01, 2014

YouTube offers more than just funny kitten movies; you will also find more than 60 million music videos. With a native YouTube client for Linux, you can use this online jukebox as conveniently as your local music collection.

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