Django Video Workshop

Programming with the Python Django web framework


The screencast is from Douglas Napoleone of the Python Software Foundation, programming a step-by-step solution for a simple database web application,

Part 1/4

Douglas Napoleone is programming a music database for the web with Django.

To be continued: part 2/4

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  • Video

    Video 1/4 doesn't play.
  • Video problem

    Same problem for me. Video 1/4 doesn't play.
  • Video 1 doesn't seem to work (2 plays fine)

    The heading says it all but yes, I haven't been able to get the video on this page to play. Video two started right up when I went to it...
  • never gotten these to work

    I've tried to view these videos on a few different flash version and even different operating systems. no dice.
  • Make videos downloadable

    If possible, could you please make this videos downloadable instead of having to stream them. We have limited internet bandwidth here and streaming can be annoying, it takes ages to buffer up and if you want to watch it again you need to download it all over again wasting bandwitdh.

    I like to keep videos like this on my harddrive for future reference, or to show friends, but making them streaming only doesn't make that very easy.
  • Missing videos

    To solve the problem - at least for the moment - we've put the videos on four separate pages.
  • you are missing parts 2 and 4

    nevermind.. seems you are missing parts 2 and 4 (they don't show up) of the video.
    do you mind posting these? thank you
  • nice video

    thank you for posting these videos... was a bit confusing to see part 1-4 and only 2 videos but hopefully those 2 videos contained parts 1-4 and I didn't miss anything?
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