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How I Use My Raspberry Pi

Productivity Sauce


Writing about Diversity on the Desktop

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Encrypting and transferring system email with Zeyple

FEATURES: Key Service free

GNOME Women in Open Source Project

The GNOME Outreach Program for Women


The GNOME Outreach Program for Women has seen success that other programs set up to encourage women in FOSS have not. We look at some of the reasons why.

7 Improvements needed in LibreOffice templates and styles

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


LibreOffice 4.0 tested

REVIEWS: Happy Birthday free

Access data from a weather station with the Raspberry Pi

KNOW-HOW: Weather Watch free

Luminance HDR offers top-notch high dynamic range imaging

LINUXUSER: More Light free

Nepomuk-KDE and the quest for the semantic desktop

COVER STORIES: Embedded Knowledge free


Caledonia: Art Suite for the KDE Desktop

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