openSUSE Cuts Maintenance Cycle to 18 Months

Aug 17, 2009

Instead of 24 months and 3 versions, Novell will in future only supply 2 updates in 18 months for openSUSE.

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Finnix 93.0 Fresh from Debian Testing

Aug 13, 2009

Finnix, a LiveCD Linux distro for system administrators, is available in version 93.0.

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Novell: More Support for openSUSE

Aug 12, 2009

Linux distributor Novell is reorganizing: from now on, one developer team will dedicate itself entirely to openSUSE.

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Simple, Lightweight: Arch Linux 2009.08

Aug 11, 2009

The new Arch Linux distro is available in version 2009.08 with updated software. A new installer is included.

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Verona's University Migrates 4000 PCs to Linux

Aug 10, 2009

Verona is about to become famous for more than just Romeo and Juliet and opera: the university of the romantic Italian city is migrating 4000 of its desktops to Linux and open source.

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DebConf9: Satisfying Conclusion

Aug 07, 2009

After almost two weeks in the Spanish province of Extremadura, the free project Debian appears satisfied with the outcome and promises the next release “Squeeze” will benefit from the meeting.

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Classmate 8.9-Inch Netbook Convertible with Linux

Aug 07, 2009

Intel announces the availability for use in schools of the Classmate PC Convertible.

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Ubuntu: Patent Policy and Private Support

Aug 06, 2009

Ubuntu has introduced a new Patent Policy to help developers and rights holders deal with software patent issues. With the Private Support, Canonical hopes to improve its revenue.

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